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Active Brains Education Academy is the type of enrichment learning center for everyone about education. We use some different Mind and Educational Games for learning languages and Math. We provide the students and people to develop their thinking skills, problem-solving, decision making, strategical skills, reasoning in their school subjects skills and life skills. We use in our programs Game & Activity-Based Learning Methods in school subjects, especially Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies and life skills.
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What are we doing at active Brains?

Our Aim

We teach how to fish rather than give fish. We make them think, generate ideas. We help them generate ideas in solving problems that may arise in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Mind Games?

"Mind Games" that open the mind, train the mind, facilitate learning and enable quick learning are the education method of the future. Intelligence games based on the principle of “learning while having fun” contribute to the intelligence development, creativity and academic success of children as they open up the mind and facilitate learning. Children learn while having fun, and their intelligence improves.

Q. What are the contributions of Mind Games to the participant.

The development of reasoning and problem solving skills, the increase in the duration and depth of concentration, the increase in reading comprehension, the increase in the skill and speed of applying what he understood, the ability to cope with problems, the ability to not give up and start over in the face of defeat, the development of creativity, the correct evaluation of the available data and efficient and effective in reaching the result. He / she gains many skills such as being able to use rationally, establishing the cause-effect relationship correctly.

Q. What is Bamgales Education Method?

Bamgales Education Method is an education method that teaches smart work, opens the mind, facilitates and accelerates learning. This method is taught at all levels in schools as a teaching method in some world countries (USA, GERMANY, UK..).

Q. Who can participate in Mind Games?

4-5 ages, 6-7-8 ages, 9-10-11 ages, 12-13 ages, 14-15-16-17 ages, University Degree, Adults and Soft Skills in Workplace, 55 Up Seniors.

Q. What is Enrichment Education Programing?

These are the activities carried out for students to gain new experiences in addition to the lessons such as mathematics and chemistry they have seen in school throughout their education life. It helps to provide children with a comprehensive, culturally rich education through activities that enhance their learning. It helps teach children life skills that benefit beyond the classroom and can develop an appreciation for cultural and social issues, teamwork, and social responsibility.

Q. What is the purpose of Enrichment Education Program?

The aim of enrichment gives children the opportunity to try new and diverse activities that do not fit well as the curriculum, but that develop character, resistance and motivation and encourage them to reach wider goals.

Q. What does the enrichment education program include?

Much enrichment takes place outside the classroom or the timetable of the normal school day. It includes various activities such as chess, computer, art, music (using musical skills). Apart from these activities, it is to increase the social skills of the student and to expand the perspective of events and situations.

Q. What is Student Coaching & Mentoring?

Student Coaching & Mentoring improves students' learning outside of school and enables them to develop new skills.

Q. What is the purpose in Student Coaching & Mentoring to students?

In this training, the student learns how to manage exam anxiety, increase motivation, set the right goal, use creativity, and how to perform the learning process more successfully.

Q. What are the benefits of Student Coaching & Mentoring to students?

It develops learning and working skills on the way to success by improving student self-confidence. In addition, the student learns to use time effectively and takes firm steps on the path to success by doing studies to solve concentration problems.

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