Mind Games

"Mind Games" that open the mind, train the mind, facilitate learning and enable quick learning are the education method of the future. Intelligence games based on the principle of “learning while having fun” contribute to the intelligence development, creativity and academic success of children as they open up the mind and facilitate learning. Children learn while having fun, and their intelligence improves.

Benefits :

1.) The development of reasoning and problem solving skills
2.) The increase in the duration and depth of concentration
3.) The increase in reading comprehension
4.) The increase in the skill and speed of applying what he understood
5.) The ability to cope with problems
6.) The ability to not give up and start over in the face of defeat
7.) The development of creativity
8.) The correct evaluation of the available data and efficient and effective in reaching the result
9.) He / she gains many skills such as being able to use rationally
10.) Establishing the cause-effect relationship correctly.


In this system, participants progress step by step and improve themselves.
Basic Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level Profıcıency Level Master Level


In this system, the participants can see their levels by evaluating both before and after the game.
Pre Playing Game Time While Playing Section Post Game Evaluation


In this system, participants gain both emotionally and socially with 4 different experiences.
Cognitive-Functional Benefits Emotional Benefits Social Benefits Developmental Benefits


In this system, the participants gain gains such as strategizing and keeping in mind with various games.
Reasoning&Operational Verbal (Word) Games Geometrical-Mechanical Games Memory Games Strategical Games Brain Teasors & Mind Blender

Category Of Ages

There is no age limit for participants. We have games for certain ages in each category.
4-5 Ages 6-7-8 Ages 9-10-11 Ages 12-13 Ages 14-15-16-17 Ages University Degree Adults and Soft Skills 55 Up Seniors

Timelines And Periods Of Bamgales

This system provides for one-on-one work at home, group work or working with more people in the school system.
Home Academy Team Work School, Communities, Companies